Investment Criteria

Management Team

We value a great management team. Passion, intelligence, decisiveness, openness and a willingness to grow are among our most important NY venture capital investment criteria. We enjoy using our experience and expertise to help companies accomplish their goals and seek companies that are open to management advice.

Market Opportunity

We’re looking for companies with large and growing market opportunities. We have a preference for companies that are located in New York’s Capital Region/Northeast. Our preferred industries are healthcare, education, energy and business-to-business.

Competition and Competitive Advantage

Products that are unique and have a clear competitive advantage are important to us. Can you clearly differentiate your product from competition? Can it be easily copied? Are there clear financial benefits to your product? Can you protect your intellectual property?

Go to Market Strategy

We want to invest in teams that have a thoughtful and decisive plan to bring their product to market and grow their market penetration locally, regionally and nationally.


It is important that we work with companies that have excellent grasp of their financials; current and pro forma up to three years in advance. You need to be able to produce current reports and financial analyses that can help us in the due diligence process. It is important that you can demonstrate a clear path to profitability.

Use of Proceeds

It is important that companies demonstrate a growth strategy that reflects an appropriate use of funds. While we value aggressive growth it is important that companies have an appropriate balance of in-house and in-field resources. We have an interest in funding growth that has clear implications to the bottom line.

Growth Potential

We are looking for companies that have a clear and logical growth strategy. We look for in-house personnel, technical and sales growth plans that are realistic and attainable.

Exit Strategy

We are looking to work with companies that have a clear exit strategy.

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